Ultracentrifuge (Thermo Scientific Sorvall MX 150 Plus)


Sorvall® micro-ultracentrifuges deliver excellent performance and versatility for rapid small-volume processing applications. The Sorvall MTX 150 delivers outstanding speed (up to 150-000 rpm) g-force (up to1-048-000 x g) and rotor capacities (up to 180 mL)- to accomplish the most demanding ultracentrifuge applications. Unit has 20 program memory- each with up to 9 steps. The temperature range is between 0 – 40 °C in 1 °C increments. It features benchtop design with the advanced functionality in a compact footprint that easily fit in the lab. It is quiet (<45 dBA)- you can work next to it without hearing it running. For increased safety and convenience- the Sorvall MTX 150 has an imbalance tolerant drive allowing eye-balancing of tubes. The swinging bucket rotor (4 x 7 mL)- spins up to 28 mL per run. The swinging bucket rotor (4 x 7 mL)- spins up to 28 mL per run. 7 mL tube series (3 types) provides versatility for better density gradient separations of cell organelles- proteins and viruses. Top-loading buckets reduce mishandling resulting in greater safety.


Instrument specifications are provided on labs portal: https://labs.masdar.ac.ae/index.php/equipment-portal

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