UV/VIS spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Nano Drop 2000)


Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000 spectrophotometer can measure the concentration and purity of DNA- RNA or protein samples. Using only 1 µL- the results can be obtained in less than 15 seconds from sample pipetting to wiping the pedestal clean. NanoDrop 2000 Spectrophotometer features wide spectral range (190-840nm) for measuring a variety of samples types: Peptides (205nm) ?DNA and RNA (260nm)- Purified protein (280nm)- Toxicology assays and industrial dyes (490nm)- Gold nanoparticles (520nm)- Colorimetric protein assays (BCA 562nm- Bradford 595nm- Modified Lowry 650nm- Pierce 660 660nm)- Optical density measurements (600 nm)


Instrument specifications are provided on labs portal: https://labs.masdar.ac.ae/index.php/equipment-portal

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