Wire Bonder


The HB 16 ultrasonic wire bonder is characterised by vertical feed of wire or ribbon, manual X-Y control of the work piece, and motorised control of the Z & Y Axis for bond tool. It has the exclusive TFT Touch Panel Operation System.

The HB Bonder is characterized by precision mechanism for manual X-Y control of the work platform and work piece, a semiautomatic Z & Y control of the bonding tool, and electronic control of the bonding variables (Force, Ultrasonics, Temperature and Time). Standard features designed into the HB include: Leica 6:1 Zoom Stereo-microscope with 20X eyepieces, and area illuminator; work stage with mechanical or vacuum clamping provisions. All Bond parameters and programs are operated with 6,5” TFT Touch Panel Display. A variety of options are available to enhance operability in special applications.

The design considerations were operator comfort and ease of operation, reliability of the bonding system, low inertial impact of the bonding tool, and operator safety. The mechanical assembly of the bonder consists of close tolerance bonder parts for precision operation and control. The electrical assembly is composed of highly reliable electronic components integrated into a modular assembly to facilitate ease of adjustment and troubleshooting.


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